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Meet Team UPS

Lillian Z.

UPS Capital Intern

Lillian is an Intern at UPS Capital, where she creates new trainings and keeps our current ones up to date. “My internship has allowed me to focus in on skills and really practice them,” says Lillian, “including professional communication and in-person collaboration.” She was drawn to UPS Capital because of the people and enjoys working on a supportive team that encourages her to introduce new ideas.

UPSer Lillian Z.

"I definitely enjoy the communication aspects the most. I'm able to bring new ideas and actually be listened to."

Q&A with Lillian

What attracted you to UPS Capital?

The people! When I was looking for an internship, my interview process with UPS Capital really sold me. I got to speak with my manager and one of my teammates about how they were working on exciting projects. They were super supportive and kind, so I was ready to start with UPS Capital.

At a high level, can you tell us about your internship role?

I work on the HR team in the training department. We research concepts or new trainings, develop those trainings, and then evaluate feedback and audit the courses.

What has your internship/co-op given you the opportunity to learn so far?

My internship allowed me to focus on and practice skills like professional and in-person communication. It also opened me up to working with new software like Power BI and Excel—just a bunch of different things.

Share some tips for making the most of your UPS Capital internship, such as networking with other interns and learning about the company's culture.

My biggest piece of advice would be to enjoy every single moment and soak it up. Enjoy those quick lunches with other interns, enjoy the coffee breaks, enjoy really diving into your work, and even enjoy when things get a little chaotic and stressful, because it will pass so just take in all the little moments.

What do you enjoy the most about UPS Capital's company culture?

The communication aspects—being able to bring new ideas and actually be listened to. I know who to go to when I need something, want to talk, or have innovative ideas to share. I bring a fresh set of eyes and my feedback is listened to. I enjoy being supported in that way.

In what ways has your work felt meaningful thus far in your internship?

In my second week, my team asked me to sit in on a three-day training and audit the course. I ended up creating a presentation for my team and leadership on how I thought the training could be more effective for UPS Capital. Having them actually listen to my feedback made me feel valuable and like my work was meaningful.

What are your career goals? How do you feel your internship will positively impact your career goals?

I know that I want to make an impact on the world, but I’m not sure how yet. UPS Capital allowed me to explore different avenues of the business which I think is really helpful in seeing what I’m interested in and shaping my career goals.

What separates UPS Capital's internship program from the other internship opportunities you looked into?

This program gives you the opportunity to actually come into the office and interact with people, which is a little bit rare in today’s day and age. I would also say the internship is focused on the full experience and soaking in as much as you can about UPS Capital, rather than just shadowing a position on the team. I wanted to be able to interact with people outside of my team, and that was one of the main reasons I chose UPS Capital.

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