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Meet Team UPS

Mileiby Mosquera

Senior Procurement Analyst

Mileiby has been with UPS for four years. She started working here as an analyst and is now a team leader. She went looking for an opportunity because she didn't feel there was any growth potential in her previous role. That's when she found the accounting analyst position at UPS. Mileiby accepted the opportunity at UPS because, for her, it would mean growing professionally and, with that, she would have the opportunity to improve her English.

Mileiby Mosquera

"Working at UPS is to know that we are recognized for what we do and we can be ourselves without any judgment."

Q&A with Mileiby

What is a UPSer's routine like?

Here, we go further than the common delivery, we deliver dreams, happiness, and unforgettable moments. I have many responsibilities and I make sure that processes are executed correctly. I always try to motivate the team, be there for the team, be a support for my team, for my leaders and always show a good attitude.

What makes you stay at UPS?

Working at UPS is to know that we are recognized for what we do, and we can be ourselves without any judgment. The company has real possibilities for growth, professional and personal. And UPS is so unique about inclusion. UPS accepts you regardless of anything.

What makes you proud to be a UPSer?

I have grown professionally and personally since becoming a UPSer. I started as an analyst and today I am a leader.

How do people react when you say you work at UPS?

Reactions are positive. They tell me it's a big company because it's internationally known. What they probably don’t know is that here we deliver much more than just packages. We deliver opportunities, dreams, and health.

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