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Meet Team UPS

Jairo R.



Jairo's responsibilities are performing audits to ensure that GBS is meeting UPS's global expectations. He helps improve performance and quality and this helps the whole company because the results are positive. At the beginning, he didn’t know much about UPS, just the basics of package deliveries. He didn't know about the entire operation or the company's international presence. Once he started working at UPS, Jairo realized how much UPS impacts the world.

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Jairo Ramirez

"Here at UPS we have daily challenges and opportunities for growth with the company. What I like here is that we can always improve. I can be who I am – in and out of UPS."

Q&A with Jairo

What is a UPSer's routine like?

When I joined UPS they opened the doors for me and explained everything I would do here. Here at UPS we have opportunities for growth with the company. What I like here is that we can always improve. I can be who I am – in and out of UPS.

What makes you stay at UPS?

Here they offer me motivational talks, talks about nutrition as well as professional, personal, and academic growth. I work with my friends and our connections are strong and real. UPS helps us to grow professionally and encourages us to always learn something new.

What makes you proud to be a UPSer?

The social impact UPS has motivates me to stay here. It has a very good environmental policy, and we are invited and encouraged to act for the community, as volunteers, in sectors that need help. Here, we don't have to show that we are perfect, but who we really are. They allow me to be myself. UPS is always open to hearing new ideas; here I can be who I am.

How do people react when you say you work at UPS?

Whenever I tell other people they react with "WOW" and ask me how I got into UPS. When UPS arrived in Colombia, it was very small. A friend of mine told me about UPS, what the company does and its benefits. At first, I thought he was exaggerating because he only told me good things about UPS. But when HR hired me and I started working here, I saw that everything was real, and I didn't regret a bit.

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