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Meet Team UPS

Portia M.

H.R. Geo Services Manager

South Africa

Portia is an H.R. Geo Services Manager in Johannesburg. In her experience, although she is part of the majority population in South Africa, she hasn’t seen many women of her race be part of the leadership team. Hence, she believes that UPS is a progressive company that gives leadership opportunities to everyone. She also thinks that UPS has a great work culture, and the leadership team here is supportive of everyone’s career growth, valuing diverse opinions and empowering its people.

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Portia Motloung

"I've always felt that I belonged to UPS since day one."

Q&A with Portia

What are you most proud of at UPS?

At UPS, we empower people and develop communities around us. In South Africa, UPS contributes to many charities, organizations and leadership programs for women. Here, we don’t just manage human resources, we empower people. We promote quality relationships and harmony at the workplace.

What would you like to do in the future at UPS?

I would like to work closely with my HR counterparts across the globe within UPS and tap into their wealth of knowledge to learn the best HR practices that can contribute positively to our ZA employees.

What do you like doing after work?

I love spending time with my babies. I enjoy being able to do those little things for them and have a career too. The balance between work and life is what I enjoy the most.

Do you have any passion projects that you’d like to talk about?

I’m also a big supporter of programs that help women. At home, I mentor young women to pick the right courses at universities, guide them to dress better for work, help them with soft skills for life and mentor them to choose the right career path.

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