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Meet Team UPS

Oby A.

Brokerage Supervisor


In her 25 years at UPS, Oby has worked across functions, learning something new every day. She now works with her team to clear shipments for import and export in Nigeria. She feels that UPS has always encouraged her to voice her opinion and is willing to make changes to meet employee expectations, which is a rare trait in organizations. Knowledge sharing across the organization is common, which makes her feel included. She’s proud that UPS moves the world forward, especially during the pandemic when they delivered shipments across the globe on time, impacting lives.

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Chinwe Anowi Obiagelu

"I joined UPS right after college and have been here for 25 years. It's been UPS all the way for me."

Q&A with Oby

How has your journey been at UPS?

I started my career at UPS, and I’ve been here for 25 years because UPS is a place that has a great environment, amazing people, and clear policies. We have an open culture, share knowledge with the team and across functions. Every day is different, and I get to learn and grow per my interest.

What are you most proud of working at UPS?

I’m most passionate about delivering great customer service by resolving issues on time. Even throughout the pandemic we sent things that mattered and things that changed lives. And I’m proud of this dedication we all have towards making a customer happy.

What is UPS doing right?

UPS provides a level playing ground. The fact that the organization is willing to listen to its people and change to offer a better workplace for everyone is a huge plus point.

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