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Meet Team UPS

Amanda N.

Brokerage Supervisor


For 26 years, Amanda has enjoyed a career where she could grow and succeed in exciting roles. Amanda completed her diploma in management foundations while working full time as a Brokerage Supervisor. UPS allowed her a flexible schedule that made her dream possible. She appreciates UPS’s culture of inclusion in which everyone’s voice is heard.

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Amanda Norcott

"Our management team encourages you to develop your skills and get ready for your next role."

Q&A with Amanda

How well, as you’re moving up to different roles, did the job descriptions prepare you for the realities of the job?

Written job descriptions weren’t always accurate to the realities of the position; however, a strong leadership team really helped talk to me about what to expect in new roles. As long as you’re going into a new job with blinders off and open to learning new things, you can succeed. Everything was included in the job description; however, it’s hard to write in the soft skills, such as the compassion and empathy you’ll need to use when you have a certain role.

Do you feel like you have opportunities for professional development at UPS?

Our local management team has always been encouraging of developing our skills and not getting stagnant in one role. Obviously, if you like a specific role, they take that into consideration. But management also considers your existing skill set and where you would be best apt to develop further within the company.

Is there a culture of inclusion at UPS? What makes you feel like UPS is a diverse environment?

UPS makes a huge effort to include everybody. We value the diversity that’s here. As an example, I used to work in a group made up of immigrants. It was a fantastic melting pot of people who immigrated to Canada. We had a great time learning about each other and even held international potlucks where we’d all bring in a family dish and we felt encouraged to learn about each other’s culture.

Has UPS helped you pursue education opportunities?

UPS really encourages secondary education. I took courses at Athabasca University, an online school, and completed my diploma in management foundations while working full time as a supervisor. UPS, they accommodated whatever I needed to pursue my education, in terms of helping me adjust my schedule for exams or to study.

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