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Candace Fletcher’s Journey to Success at UPS

Candace Fletcher

At UPS, we set the standard in reliability. You’ll  feel confident in both the work you do and the team you’re working with. We’re proud to have a diverse team of skilled professionals and leaders, striving to find innovative solutions for our customers and employees.

Candace Fletcher is one of those leaders. She started at UPS as an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) and has risen through the ranks. With UPS’ support, she began her journey in San Antonio, Texas, gaining the experience and knowledge needed to become an Account Executive in the Chicagoland area. Our culture is focused on promotion from within, and Candace is a snapshot of our success in supporting our team members. We spoke with her to learn more about her professional and personal growth.

How did you end up at UPS?

I was in the insurance industry for six years. It was a roller-coaster ride and was commission only, so during drought periods, if I didn’t sell anything, I didn’t make any money — and that was pretty much the determining factor in me asking myself, “Now what do I do?” I applied for an Inside Sales position at UPS. They asked if I was willing to relocate, which I was. After a follow-up interview, the recruiter contacted me and gave me an overview of the position and requirements, so I went ahead and started the process of becoming an ISR in San Antonio.

What attracted you to the ISR role specifically?

My sales background attracted me to it, but the benefits were also a big feature. With a competitive salary and other benefits, it was like a fresh start on my career.

“When I got to San Antonio, everyone was very welcoming. [UPS] provided me with a welcome packet that gave me direction on places to live, attractions, and things to do in the city.”


After you joined, what, if anything, surprised you about working here?

I didn’t know anything about San Antonio — I had never lived anywhere outside of the southern Illinois area — so it was a bit of a challenge, and I had to tell my family, “Hey, I’m leaving in 10 days!” But when I got to San Antonio, everyone was very welcoming. The HR team provided me with a welcome packet that gave me direction on places to live, attractions, and things to do in the city. I also came to find out I had a college friend working in Inside Sales who I had no clue about until I got there. It all sort of came together.

What is the culture like at UPS?

It’s very family oriented. The people are very receptive; they embrace you no matter where you go! Because UPS is all over, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It’s special. It’s like a family.

What do you value most about working at UPS?

I’ll be celebrating two years at UPS this April. I value the knowledge and the experience. I was able to be in a collaborative environment and was able to share ideas with people who have a lot of knowledge. Finally, to be able to see the transitions from when UPS started out to where it is today — it was mind-blowing.

What benefit offered by UPS means the most to you?

They put family first. That’s something that is really important, and something others take for granted. If something is going on with a loved one, they’re very understanding. Family is first, and they keep that in mind, which is important, especially for people who have children and families. It’s about work-life balance — you definitely have that. I’ve worked for a lot of companies and they promise that, but to actually see it happening to me makes a difference.

“It’s about work-life balance — you definitely have that. I’ve worked for a lot of companies and they promise it, but to actually see it happening to me makes a difference.”


What are some of the challenges you encounter in your job and what skills are necessary to overcome those challenges?

In the world of logistics, it’s important to get things from point A to point B. Everything is important, no matter who is concerned, whether it’s a gift that needs to be delivered before Christmas Day, or it’s a problem that’s stopping production at a large manufacturing facility. It’s about understanding that some things — no matter what they are — are important to other people, and you have to meet people where they are and be willing to listen. You have to be the sounding board to understand and not overlook the small things. Because the small things matter. And they matter a whole lot.

What advice would you give someone considering beginning their career at UPS as an ISR or someone considering joining UPS in general?

You have to be willing to excel, succeed, and do everything that’s necessary to get to the next level. Keep putting the time in to study. Become a student of the business. You need to learn everything you can to master the craft and go above and beyond to continue your growth.

Growth from Within

UPS truly values the work our team members put into their journey. We always look inwardly for promotions. At UPS, we favor upward mobility. We asked Candace about her insights on growing from within.

What advice would you give someone looking to grow within UPS? Looking to grow specifically into the Account Executive (AE) role?

When I first got there, I was like, “I’m already ready to be an AE! I have enough experience!” But I really didn’t. So, I stayed in Inside Sales to learn — the technology aspect, the service level, etc. — I had to learn everything that UPS brings to the table. It’s more than just a logistics company. We really help people and expand their businesses. There’s so much to learn in Inside Sales. There are things you don’t know about yourself, skills that you can develop and be better at... and then you’ll have a moment where it’s like: “Oh, this is what I needed to do to get to the next level!” Don’t be afraid. You have to go with what your heart desires.


What experience or skill did you gain as an ISR that you see as vital to promotion/moving into an AE role?

People say feedback is a gift, yet most people don’t take it as a gift. But it really is. I would honestly say, even if you think you’re the best, you may not be the best. If somebody tells you that you can improve in certain areas, take their advice. Take heed to it and figure out what you can do to be better.

“This is what I needed to do to get to the next level.”


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