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Our people deliver what matters

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At UPS, our people have always been difference-makers. With skill and dedication, generations of UPSers have built our reputation as a global leader. When you join us at UPS, you’ll find out what we mean—our teamwork, energy and spirit are legendary. Get to know some of the proud members of Team UPS—and get in touch with us to find out more.

Talent Advisors

Ready to make your move to Team UPS? Connect with one of our Talent Advisors to get on your way.

  • Pic: Tara Hopkins Pic: Tara Hopkins

    Tara Hopkins

    Recruits for:

    • Penn State
    • Rutgers
    • NJIT
    • University of South Carolina
  • Pic: Dominic Casper Pic: Dominic Casper

    Dominic Casper

    Recruits for:

    • Texas A&M
    • Arizona State
    • Ohio State
    • University of Louisville
    • University of Kentucky
  • Pic: Ashleigh Mcnair Pic: Ashleigh Mcnair

    Ashleigh Mcnair

    Recruits for:

    • Spelman
    • Clark Atlanta
    • Morehouse
  • Preview of More Pics
  • Pic: Rodrigo Juarez Pic: Rodrigo Juarez

    Rodrigo Juarez

    Don’t see your
    school listed?
    Contact Rodrigo.
  • Pic: Daja Jennings Pic: Daja Jennings

    Daja Jennings

    Recruits for:

    • North Carolina A&T
    • Morgan State
    • Cal Poly Pomona
    • Cal State Fullerton
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Washington
    • University of Missouri
  • Pic: Donna Blaum

    Donna Blaum

    Recruits for:

    • Georgia State
    • Kennesaw State
    • University of Georgia
    • Georgia Tech
  • Pic: Lauren Valeri

    Lauren Valeri

    Don’t see your
    school listed?
    Contact Lauren.

UPS professionals (Former Interns)

What’s it like to complete your internship and join UPS in a full-time role? Get a glimpse of life at UPS from these former interns who are building their careers here.

  • UPS has a very diverse and inclusive community. You're not just another number. It is about building a community and being there to support one another.
    Alejandra Lopez

    Alejandra Lopez

    HR Intern

  • If you hear about opportunities, reach out to the people within the company because people are willling to give their advice and share their experiences.
    Caitlin Mooney

    Caitlin Mooney

    IT Intern

  • Everyone wants to keep learning here. Even if information isn't relevant to someone's position, they still ask questions because they want to learn everything. I really appreciate that.”
    Emily Heeb

    Emily Heeb

    International Marketing Intern

  • I expected to be writing mostly corporate pieces for UPS. But actually, one week I could be writing about sustainable energy and the next it could be about a small business. The variety here surprised me.
    Jasmine Barrow

    Jasmine Barrow

    Communications Intern

  • Regardless of age or experience, everyone is approachable and relatable. They treat me as though I've been working with them since the day they started. They're helping me raise the bar, learn and grow.
    Jason Meneses

    Jason Meneses

    Procurement Intern

  • Everyone is very understanding. They are always open to having a chat or answering questions, and they genuinely want to get to know me.”

    Kyung Jun Lee

    Corporate Security Training Intern

  • UPS is fairly laidback and very welcoming - but everone is still driven. And you get the sense that they care about their people which helps them do a good job.”
    Lauren Kessler

    Lauren Kessler

    Customer Solutions Intern

  • I enjoy the relationships people have here. It doesn't feel like a work environment - it has more of a family-like feel. From day one when you already feel a part of the team.”
    Lindsey Hampton

    Lindsey Hampton

    IT Vertical Intern

  • People from all different departments have been so helpful and given so much information and knowledge. I've learned so much. I couldn't have asked for a better position here.”
    Michael Maye

    Michael Maye

    Inside Sales Intern

  • UPS culture is one of acceptance and compassion. They don't discriminate and no problem is too small to bring to someone for help. They listen to you, check on you and help you.
    Ming Deng

    Ming Deng

    Industrial Engineering Intern

Brand Ambassadors (Current Interns)

We call these interns Brand Ambassadors—they represent UPS at their schools. Get in touch with them to learn more.

  • Bryan Rohrbach Bryan Rohrbach

    Bryan Rohrbach

    University of Kentucky

    + Business Administration
    + Finance & Accounting
  • Jason Roberson Jason Roberson

    Jason Roberson

    Morehouse College

    + Communication Studies & Sociology
    + INROADS Employee Communications
    + Legislative Fellow Intern
  • Andrea Magana Andrea Magana

    Andrea Magana

    Georgia State University

    + Journalism & Public Relations
    + Enterprise Program Management
  • Preview of More Current Interns
  • Maya Baker Maya Baker

    Maya Baker

    Virginia Tech

    + Industrial & Systems Engineering
    + GBS Industrial Engineering
  • Kira Jenkins Kira Jenkins

    Kira Jenkins

    University of South Carolina

    + International Business & Finance
    + French
    + International Marketing Strategy
  • Ming Deng Ming Deng

    Ming Deng

    University of Missouri

    + Industrial Engineering & Economics
    + Industrial Engineering (2 Summers)
  • Jasmine Barrow Jasmine Barrow

    Jasmine Barrow

    Georgia State University

    + Journalism
    + Communications
  • Britney Nguyen Britney Nguyen

    Britney Nguyen

    Emory University

    + Business Administration
    + Procurement
  • Kian Golestaneh Kian Golestaneh

    Kian Golestaneh

    University of California, Berkeley

    + Data Science
    + GBS Enterprise Data & Analytics
  • Craig Cassidy Craig Cassidy

    Craig Cassidy

    Georgia Tech

    + Industrial Engineering
    + GBS Analytics
  • Jenny Jiang Jenny Jiang

    Jenny Jiang

    Auburn University

    + Finance
    + Political Science
    + Global CRM Solutions
  • Catherine Loftus Catherine Loftus

    Catherine Loftus

    Ohio University

    + Finance
    + Business Analytics
    + Supply Chain Management
    + Financial Business Analysis

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