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Finding Yourself Through Dance: Amelia’s TED@UPS 

For UPS Marketing Manager Amelia Laytham, finding her roots had eluded her growing up. But as an adult, she’s found a whole new world based on one of tradition. Through dance, Amelia has been able to rediscover and reclaim her Indonesian heritage, and it’s never been easier than with a career at UPS. With career flexibility and diversity support, she’s found a duality that lets her discover her past while working toward the future. Her reflection of the UPS spirit is why she was chosen to give a TED@UPS presentation. This gave her the opportunity to discover herself while bringing awareness of her culture to others: “What I learned through preparing for this talk is that I have to be honest with myself, accept who I am and just be proud.“ 


Want to see her integrity and personal growth in action? Check out her TED@UPS talk below as she dances her way to an invigorated identity.