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UPS Worldport 

Louisville, Kentucky

UPS Worldport is a “one of a kind” facility, but what really makes UPS Louisville special are our teams of dedicated employees. Our employees are the ones who make the magic happen daily! UPS is the largest employer in the city, employing over 20,000 people alone in the greater Louisville metropolitan region. These employees are a staple here and, without a doubt, UPS’s greatest asset!

Welcome to UPS Worldport

Louisville is home to our largest package handling facility in the world—UPS Worldport. This innovative hub also serves as the center point of our worldwide air network, with a prime location that allows us to reach 95% of the US populace in just four hours flying.

  • 5.2 million square foot facility
  • 300 flights arriving and departing daily
  • 20,000 UPSers employed
  • 416,000 packages sorted per hour 

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UPS Planes at Worldport Location

Our Programs 

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UPS Aircraft in the air

Come Soar with Us

Our network of 500 aircrafts is one of the world’s largest, safest, and most innovative. Our pilots, technicians, and engineers come from a wide range of backgrounds that reflect the communities we serve.

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