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Top Performers Recognized With Horizon, Special Horizon and Changemaker Awards

All Awards Based on 2021 Performance

The annual UPS Horizon and Special Horizon Awards represent the best of what UPSers can accomplish when teamwork is aligned with UPS’s purpose and strategy.

The Horizon Awards is an annual internal recognition program sponsored by our Executive Leadership Team (ELT), that recognizes best-in-class UPS regions, districts, business units and teams.

The Changemaker Award recognizes great leadership, teamwork and innovation as UPSers change how we do business with our customers and engage with each other.

Horizon Award

Special Horizon Awards 2021

  • On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) Dynamic Optimization Deployment – Package Process Management (PPM), I.T., Industrial Engineering (IE), Automotive and Package Operations
  • Network Planning Tools (NPT)

– PPM NPT, I.T. and Transportation Operations

Changemaker Awards 2021

  • Digital Experience Team – Marketing, Communications and I.T.

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