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Meet Team UPS

Lauren S.

Recruitment Marketing Intern

After growing up with family who had previously worked at UPS, Lauren was familiar with our company culture and knew she’d be able to learn and grow here. While with us for her summer internship, she asked plenty of questions along the way and worked closely on a wide variety of projects for our website and social media pages.

UPSer Lauren S.

"What I enjoy most about UPS’s company culture is the willingness of everyone at the company to help you in any way to grow."

Q&A with Lauren

What attracted you to UPS?

Growing up with a family member who worked for UPS, I was able to see early on how amazing the company culture is at UPS and how the company truly cares for its people. I knew that once it became time for me to secure a summer internship, UPS would be at the top of my list because I have seen firsthand how they invest in their employees. I also wanted to work for a company that I knew could help me form strong connections. At UPS, everyone comes from such different backgrounds, so they all can provide meaningful advice on how to grow as a young professional.

At a high level, can you tell us about your internship role?

As the Recruitment Marketing Intern, I have worked on a wide range of projects and initiatives. I have gotten to help create social media campaigns from scratch, write copy, conduct focus groups, work on website and social media page development, and develop videos for the @upsjobs social media accounts and our website.

What has your internship/co-op given you the opportunity to learn so far?

I have gotten to learn so much in a short amount of time at UPS, that it is hard to put into words. I have learned how to refine my corporate social media skills including content development and writing, content planning, and project management skills. I have also learned how to network and form meaningful connections that are longstanding. Being part of an environment that encourages those with greater wisdom to pour into those newer at UPS has been extremely impactful to me. I feel like everyone cares to give me advice and help me grow my career.

Share some tips for making the most of your UPS internship, such as networking with other interns and learning about the company's culture.

Get involved in as many things as you can, especially if you are able to come into the office. Some of my most impactful workdays happened when I was able to attend events and meet other UPSers face-to-face. The ability to form relationships in person has been extremely beneficial to me and being able to bond with other interns and UPSers has brought me new ideas and knowledge. Also, do not be afraid to walk up to someone and introduce yourself. The ability to take initiative and reach out to others shows that you are driven and willing to learn.

What do you enjoy the most about UPS’s company culture?

What I enjoy most about UPS’s company culture is the willingness of everyone at the company to help you grow in any way. Whenever I ask to meet with someone, they are eager to say yes and provide me any support or knowledge that they can give. Everyone is genuinely happy to work at UPS and it shows in the office every day. They are all willing to give back and be of support to anyone which makes me feel comfortable in a work setting.

In what ways has your work felt meaningful thus far in your internship?

Since the day I began my internship, I have always felt like I am a part of the team. I have been able to work alongside my team rather than on my own projects and that has truly brought me so many great learning opportunities. Because I have had the opportunity to work with my team on almost every project, I have been able to see my ideas become tangible items that are posted or put into motion. My team values my opinions and ideas and is always looking for ways to incorporate them into their different strategies which has made my work feel extremely meaningful and impactful.

What are your career goals? How do you feel your internship will positively impact your career goals?

In terms of career goals, I want to continue to work in social media whether that is switching to agency work or doing in-house work. I enjoy public relations, marketing, and social media, and could see myself being successful in any of those realms. It can be hard to say where I see myself down the road, but in terms of goals, I know that I want to be an impactful leader to others and strive to be the best professional version of myself possible. I want to continue to move up in positions and eventually be a leader to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and pour into younger professionals.

What separates UPS's internship program from the other internship opportunities you looked into?

UPS was different than other internship programs to me because as soon as I began my position, I was immediately a part of the team and never felt separated. I was always included in calls and within projects and was able to learn as I moved along. A lot of times other internship programs separate interns from the teams and they do separate “intern” projects, but that was not my case. It was extremely uplifting to be thrown right into projects and to constantly get positive feedback on how I was doing. Being a part of the team from day one taught me so many things I would have never learned if I was separated from the rest.

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